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ExpPrint icon ExpPrint is a file and directory listing program that integrates with Windows File Explorer. It allows you to view, print, and save listings of files, directories, and virtual folders from any file store accessible with Explorer, including local disks and networked shares, SharePoint libraries, and cloud storage systems. ExpPrint listings can include any combination of file system properties and metadata tags/properties of any file types that Windows supports, as well as computed hash values.
TouchPro icon Allows you to change any combination of file time attributes via a context menu or a file/folder's property pages. It's fully integrated into Windows File Explorer and gives you the ability to touch selected files and entire folder hierarchies in a single easy operation.
Concat/Split icon An easy to use file splitter/joiner utility accessible from the context menu of Windows File Explorer. Handles files greater than 4GB (on file systems that support large files). Files can be reassembled with just the copy command.
Space Patrol
Space Patrol icon Provides a fully configurable low-disk space notification facility for all Windows operating systems.
Vidres icon A video resolution switching utility that you can use interactively, or from batch files or shortcuts.
Tab2Desk icon Allows you to switch to the Windows desktop by using the Alt+Tab keystroke. New version to work with Windows 10.
Suggestions Updates

If you have any suggestions for improvements with our utilities or these web pages, please let us know. We can't include every feature request, but we do try to incorporate facilities that will be generally useful.

We hope those who have already sent in suggestions will be pleased to see them included in later releases of the utilities.

Are free to all registered users.

If you have an old version (prior to TouchPro V5, VidRes V2.5, Concat/Split V5, ExpPrint V1.8.1.0, and Space Patrol V2.2), you'll need new registration details. To obtain your new details, please contact us by email giving your name, address, and existing registration information.


To our registered users and everyone who puts in a good word for our utilities and recommends them to others. Because of your support we can continue to improve them to try to ensure they are the best of breed in their particular field.

David & Julie Lowndes