TouchPro Translations

TouchPro loads its UI components (dialog, tooltip strings, error messages) from a separate resource DLL (TouchPro.lang). By replacing this DLL with an equivalent one in a different language, the TouchPro GUI will display in that language.

We don't have the resources to do comprehensive translation work, so we're opening this up to anyone who may want to do this for themselves using their own resource editing tools (such as Visual Studio or Resource Hacker) to edit the resource DLL.

Currently we have the following non-English resource files available.

Note: These translated resource files will only work correctly with the associated release of TouchPro.

Version Language Translator
5.4 Simplified Chinese LeiJP
5.2 Simplified Chinese boyzjv
5.2 Spanish Franz Sommeregger
5.2 Italian Sandro Pantalone
5.0 German Bernhard Rauth
5.0 French Vincent Laemers
5.0 Italian Alex
5.0 Traditional Chinese Tang
4.5 French int24h
4.5 Swedish Leif Larsson
4.5 Simplified Chinese Fenghua Wang
4.5 Traditional Chinese Hong-Yu ZHANG
4.3 French Vincent Laemers
4.3 Traditional Chinese Jacky Lau

To have TouchPro use a new language DLL:

  1. Download and un-zip the language file (or use your own version).

  2. Rename the existing TouchPro.lang file in the TouchPro installation directory (normally %Program Files%\JD Design\TouchPro.
    Note that you may not be able to delete it because it is likely to be in-use.

  3. Copy the language file to the TouchPro directory and rename it to TouchPro.lang.

You may need to log off/on for the new language to take effect.

Translating the Resources

Start from the supplied master English resource file TouchPro.lang (in the TouchPro installation directory - which is normally [SysDrive]:\Program Files\JD Design\TouchPro).

Open this resource DLL with a tool that provides you with the facility to edit resource DLLs (such as MS Visual Studio).

Items that need translating:

1. The TouchPro dialog texts - except for the dialog caption. Please leave the caption as the product name "TouchPro". Use your judgment to resize and reposition any controls to fit the necessary texts, but please keep the general control order, layout, and dialog size the same as the original version.

2. The string table items. These are the various tooltip texts, context menu texts, and error messages. Note the use of && gives a single & character in the displayed text, and the "\n" is a new-line (sometimes occur in pairs as \n\n to give an extra blank line). Please leave any mentions of the product name intact.

3. Add your name (and company name if relevant) to the version resource.

Please let us know of any TouchPro translation you do, we would like to make your work available to everyone if we can come to a mutual agreement to recognise your work. For example, you might like to have the file on your own web site and have people visit your site to advertise your other work in order to download the file.